We turn audacious dreams into monumental successes.

with the right plan, people, performance, and can do anything.

P4 Advancement System™: Precision-Tuning for Business Innovation and Growth

What fuels a thriving business? A reality-based dynamic Business Plan + Operating System. This custom-tailored system is called The P4 Advancement System™ and guides your vision to reality. From goal setting to innovation, team alignment to accountability tracking, it propels operational excellence and growth. It’s the foundation for engaged, vision-driven employees.

Conquer your market with a strategic roadmap. Your call will be with a Certified Business Consultant (not a salesperson). Book your complimentary strategy session today.

Perfect Storm Sales Machine™: The Machine of Unstoppable Growth

Eager to scale? The Perfect Storm Sales Machine™ will deliver. It guides you through lead generation, conversion optimization, customer retention, and revenue growth. It’s about creating sales campaigns that break records and unify sales, marketing, and product/service delivery for effective collaboration and success.  

We have an array of tailored services that empower your salesforce to excel. This powerhouse engine roars, crushing competition and fueling growth.

Supercharge your sales and marketing with us. Begin with a conversation with a Certified Business Consultant (not a salesperson). Start your complimentary strategy session today.

Stand Up Now (SUN): Your Community of Ambitious Achievers

Success is a shared venture. Stand Up Now (SUN) isn’t just a high-performance group—it’s a hub of like-minded leaders united for mutual success. Join us and access a plethora of strategic resources, high-impact programs, cutting-edge tools, and a supportive network. We celebrate wins, learn from setbacks, and push the boundaries of success together.

Join our success-redefining community. Stand with us. Speak with a Certified Business Consultant (not a salesperson). Schedule your no-cost strategy session today.

Accelerated Achievement

We merge forces to chart the path to your ambitions, leveraging our expertise with your team’s unique strengths. Dreams become tangible, plans actionable, and goals attainable.

Begin your accelerated journey to success. Speak with a Certified Business Consultant (not a salesperson). Launch into valuable insights with your complimentary strategy session today.

Your Success in 3 Steps

Step 1: Reserve Your Complimentary Strategy Session

A Factor X Certified Consultant (not a salesperson) will work with you to: (1) Identify your personal and professional goals. (2) Evaluate your business state and objectives. (3) Discuss your challenges and opportunities. (4) Walk you through our services and their impact. (5) Provide recommendations to propel you forward. (6) Decide if taking Step 2 makes sense for you. This session is not a sales pitch, but a launchpad for potential collaboration - your first stride towards the extraordinary.

Step 2: Equip Your Business for Success

With your unique needs in mind, we offer three strategic levers: (1) P4 Advancement System™: Our dynamic Business Operating System propels your transition from dreaming to executing. (2) Perfect Storm Sales Engine™: Our comprehensive process lifts sales and drives sustained business growth. (3)Stand Up Now (SUN): Our high-performance community of entrepreneurs is committed to mutual success and pushing each other to new heights.

Step 3: Reap the Rewards of Your Success

DREAM. PLAN. DO. Together, we'll carve your path to success, celebrate your progress, and equip you to shatter your business goals. Ready to propel your business to new heights? Remember, booking a strategy session connects you directly with a seasoned business consultant, not a salesperson. This is about creating real strategies for your success. Schedule your session now and start turning your business aspirations into remarkable achievements.