You Only Need 3 Things to Succeed

If you dream of creating a truly great company (and you want to be smart about it), you need these 3 things:

First, a dynamic Business Plan + Operating System is indispensable if you aim to continuously cycle from dreaming to planning to executing.

Our P4 Advancement System™ transforms your ideas into implemented strategies, making your ambitious vision a tangible reality.

Second, a potent Sales Machine is critical.

We co-engineer Perfect Storm Sales Machine™ with you that doesn't just lift sales - it powers a marketing, sales, and product/service delivery environment that fuels your growth consistently.

Finally, real success isn't a solo endeavor - it lives within a community.

Stand Up Now (SUN) is a high-performance community of entrepreneurial-minded people like you who are committed to mutual success and driving each other to new heights.

At Factor X, extraordinary results aren't an empty promise - they're a standard and guaranteed.

We don't just aim for goals - we shatter them. Ready to turn your aspirations into achievements? Schedule your complementary strategy session now using the link below. Your path to sculpting an industry titan, backed by a community of high achievers, starts now.

Your Success in 3 Steps

Step 1: Reserve Your Complimentary Strategy Session

A Factor X Certified Consultant (not a salesperson) will work with you to: (1) Identify your personal and professional goals. (2) Evaluate your business state and objectives. (3) Discuss your challenges and opportunities. (4) Walk you through our services and their impact. (5) Provide recommendations to propel you forward. (6) Decide if taking Step 2 makes sense for you. This session is not a sales pitch, but a launchpad for potential collaboration - your first stride towards the extraordinary.

Step 2: Equip Your Business for Success

With your unique needs in mind, we offer three strategic levers: (1) P4 Advancement System™: Our dynamic Business Operating System propels your transition from dreaming to executing. (2) Perfect Storm Sales Engine™: Our comprehensive process lifts sales and drives sustained business growth. (3)Stand Up Now (SUN): Our high-performance community of entrepreneurial-minded people is committed to mutual success and pushing each other to new heights.

Step 3: Reap the Rewards of Your Success

DREAM. PLAN. DO. Together, we'll carve your path to success, celebrate your progress, and equip you to shatter your business goals. Ready to propel your business to new heights? Remember, booking a strategy session connects you directly with a seasoned business consultant, not a salesperson. This is about creating real strategies for your success. Schedule your session now and start turning your business aspirations into remarkable achievements.

If we can't get you don't pay.

“We love working with people who dream and do and are committed to building worthwhile lives - people who want to stand up and dream, plan, and do BIG things for themselves, their organizations and the world."
Kim F Hoyer

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